Website Makeover – Kings Gym & Fitness

We had this great opportunity as a website designer to improve this Kings Gym as it had many fundamental issues. So, let go have a look at what we did to improve this website design.

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Home Page

The overall appearance of the website design was missing a lot of information and content and the overall feel wasn’t pleasing to the visitor to the website.

However, the pervious website designer just did a quick and very simple job to this amazing business but it had a big impact of the overall user experience. Not only this but the lack new customers they would have had comming into their gym.

So developing web sites and having a new home page to look amazing and showing off the services available.

Every section of this website was fully customised.

Old Website

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New Website

Membership Page

Every step of the old website was a bit too plan with no structure to the page. Layout is very important throughout the design.  The layout was certainly not customer friendly. We freshened the page up by making it more engaging with a toggle feature between the different payment costs.
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Jin Ryu Kan Karate

With the introduction of Jin Ryu Kan karate to the gym, the new page layout did not really engage the customers to join. 

So a new page outlining the times and fees in a more pleasing way was created. 

Website Design | Customised Website Designs
Website Design | Customised Website Designs

Contact us Page

The contact page is sometimes over looked and again on this website there was little thought in the design. With a little thought the page is more attractive to to the visitor.
Website Design | Customised Website Designs
Website Design | Customised Website Designs

So if you believe your business website
could do with a better customer focus that leads to more sales, why not contact us today?

We would gladly take a look at how we could make your website better.