Website Makeover – Home Brew Store

We had this great opportunity as a website designer to improve this home brew store ecommerce website as it had many fundamental issues. So, let go have a look at what we did to improve this website design.

The full length pictures you can click on to view the whole page.

The overall appearance of the website design was a dark theme and when used in a correct layout can look amazing.

However, the pervious website designer just used a cheap theme template and it has a big impact of the overall user experience. Not only this but the lack of sales for the local business 

The text on the pages are a faint white and can hardly be read. This should have been fixed in the Website designing process.

So developing web sites home page to look amazing and show off the product categories.

Every section of this website was fully customised.

Old Website

New Website

The next stage was to recreate the main menu and make it readable for the visitors to the website. We also made the search bar more easily usable as again the original was dark and hard to use.

Every step of the old website was a bit too dark and images not consistent in size. The layout was certainly not customer friendly.

We freshened the page up by making it lighter, images also set to a standard size, the buy buttons stand out and are easier to navigate around.

Originally the old site had the shopping cart and checkout into one page. We decided to split this up to encourage more upsell options in a product carousel.

Again the dark theme really makes it hard for the customer to see the text boxes to write in their shipping details.

Website Design | Customised Website Designs
Website Design | Customised Website Designs

One of the biggest mistakes on the website was the shipping option. Neither the owner or myself were sure why the shipping was only for pickup or local delivery that they didn’t offer? The owner was unsure how long this was like this, however we quickly worked out a better solution.

One thing we offer all our clients is daily backups of the website just in case an update goes wrong. This original website has not been updated in over 2 years. WordPress, the main theme and 15 plugins are so out of date this opened up many security risks.

We maintain all our websites making sure all aspects of the website are updated, backed up and secure.

So if you believe your ecommerce website
could do with a better customer focus that leads to more sales, why not contact us today?

We would gladly take a look at how we could make your website better.