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Choosing a website developer is an important step. Here at Web Design 4u we make sure we understand the following from your business: Brand identity, target audience, how your product or services will solve your customer needs and more. Have a look around at the businesses we have already helped by looking at our recent work to see what we have achieved for them. How nice are the layouts, features and the look and feel of their sites?

Here at Web Design 4u, we do not use pre-defined templates. We design all our websites from the ground up, allowing your new designed website to be unique and to represent your brand appropriately. We will also set up your new site with all the Google analytics needed to find all the keywords that your customers will using in the search engines and will do our best to rank you on the first page. From the start, we make sure your site works across all platforms as most of your new customers will be using a mobile device to search for you.

Also, working closely with you on realistic timeframes and letting you know when your new site will be ready. Once complete, you will have full access to your site and we will teach you how to get around your new site. However, we recommend to you that we maintain it and keep it up to date with security patches and provide any updates required by you.

Now lets gets started!


Having been in the IT industry for over 20 years, we are here to stay.

Forever Support

Support doesn’t stop when we complete your website as we offer ongoing support and any updates you require as time goes on.

Customer service

Our focus is you and this goes all the way through the process of building your new great website.


Our aim is to produce your new great website in a timely manor and updating you on the progress


From the very beginging we will be in contact with you, keeping you updated with the project.

Value for money

You will get a professional new website and be completely happy with the value for money.

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Website Designs Start From $999

Mobile Ready

Your new website will look great across all desktops, tablets and mobiles.

Contact Forms

Making sure your new customers will be able to get in touch with you at all times

Google Analytics

Researching all the search words for your business and making sure your website is performing well.

Website Designs Central Coast, Newcastle and Rural NSW

Social Media Links

Allowing your customers to access your social networks from your website 

Web Design

Using WordPress as our main platform, we can fully customise your website to your needs.

Special Features

We can integrate eCommerce, event calendars, online booking and other services into your website.

Web Design FAQS

Website designing from the Ground up.

Working closely with you from the start making sure we get your branding right to website development right. We use on all of our designed websites, WordPress which is now so widely used that more than 35% of all websites are now built on this platform. Giving us full access to web site designing with no limits.

Mobile Friendly Design

Eery year that passes more and more people are using their mobiles first to search online. As website developer we design websites that not only are responsive to mobiles and tablets but we take care that all pages look as good as they do on a desktop. We take into account the how the Menu looks, Images stack and call to action buttons all must look good.

Strong Call to Actions

Any ‘Good’ web site designer will include your phone number at the top of the page, a Call to Action Link to you contact page in the first section of the main page and all your business contact information in the footer.
All these actions are to help your customers to learn enough on your website pages and engage with your business and to improve your sales.

Why use a Web designer?

In short, it will save you time and money. We will deliver you not only a great looking designed website but a website designed that is fully customisable, mobile and SEO (Search Engine Optimised) ready. Not all websites that you can use for free or for little money will get you the results for business that you deserve. Ultimately you got to ask how important is your business to you and the success of it. That’s why we pride ourselves as a web developer to see your new web site design completed and bringing you a better customer conversion than you had before.

Fully custom website or just use a template?

Here at web design 4u we only use custom designs, why? Simple, this gives us every chance of creating and developing web sites that is suited to you and your business needs much more that a standard template that we can’t customised to your needs.

A Good website is?

A designed website that meets your business needs and is customer focus and drives sales. A good website is mobile responsive, loads fast and we use a recommended WordPress Company SiteGround which is designed for WordPress sites, is attractive to visit and easy to navigate.