Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), use to be about gamming as many of the same and similar keywords on a page as you could, regardless if it read well. This would rank you well but Google got smart.

Every year, big updates from Google are improving its algorithm and how it ranks each and every website. Google now checks, how your pages reads regardless of all those keywords and tell if your website is about the information your telling your customers.

Googles aim is now about delivering the most relevant information to the person looking for it. So, with this in mind we now make sure that every page is writing to the one key phase and has good content throughout.

Keyword research

Keyword research still plays a big part and is at the very core of all Search engine optimisation. The aim is to select the keywords with the highest traffic volume and strong business intent. Linking this to each page of your website and also making sure each page is different keywords focus.


Behind the scenes

Google sends out bots to crawl your website and indexes your pages and we need to make sure all the right SEO is optimised on every page and in the code. URLS need to follow standards, old pages need to have a 301 redirect assigned, and make sure we do not have any duplicate URLS on the site.

All these is complex and needs really left to a SEO website designer to make sure this is done correctly.

Search Engine Optimisation

How Keyword targeting works

The following is a few key areas that need to be included, Your target keyword needs to be included in your URL and your SEO company will make sure this done. Your most important keyword needs to be included in your page title at least once and also close to the beginning of the first paragraph on the page. Also, should be a Headline H1. All your images and you should have at least one on every page, should include your keywords in the image file name, in the image alt attributes. Google has confirmed that Meta description isn’t needed anymore all SEO experts are still including this in every website as this Meta description is included in your google search ads so we need to make sure again that this relevant to the page. As a website designer we use the No. 1 SEO plugin used by most websites, Yoast. This plugin works extremely well in WordPress and helps in many ways to get you higher up the list on the search pages.

How should your pages look Like?

Each page should be including 400-600 words and containing your targeted keywords at least twice. Also include your any semantically and topically related keywords and phrases. Each page should be unique, informative, and not just about self-promotion. Try making the experience of your customer to enjoy what you are writing about and take them on a journey they will enjoy and stay. After all you do not want them to leave and find another website?


Visitors experience.

Google with its latest algorithms is checking your content on your website and is seeing how your visitors interacting on your website. So, making sure the layout is friendly, your customers can find the pages or information they are looking for quickly. So not only making your website look aesthetically pleasing it has to work across all devices and Google will checking this. Google is after the user experience.

Is SEO expensive and how long to see results?

Short answer, Yes. SEO isn’t for every business however it can prove a most cost effective. The cost comes down to how competitive your market place is online and largely on how well your SEO campaign is.

SEO takes time, and given enough time Google can list you higher than your competitor on the search listing and very position above the rest is so much better.

It can take generally 4 to 6 months to see the results of your SEO work. This is also cumulative over time so after the first year you should be seeing greater results than the first 6 months. This is only true if you are working your SEO campaign and monitoring your results though Google analytics.


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