Ecommerce and WordPress

ecommerce and WordPress

WordPress and ecommerce

When thinking of starting an ecommerce website store, you need to have an action plan to make it happen. Here is a guide to an ecommerce web design I work from to make sure we get it right from the start and have great success.


Know what you’re selling.

Sometimes you don’t need to sell everything you have in your brick and mortar store but just a select few items. You can always add to your online store as time goes on.

Are you going to compete on price or quality? Are you looking to sell only the products with the highest margins? Will you offer a money back guarantee, warranties or refunds? Express shipping or direct from your reseller? This is all about the process that goes into our ecommerce website design.


Have an eCommerce store policy?

 In our website ecommerce design, we make sure you have several policies to cover the following items. How many days to return an item, the timeframe for warranty returns, how will you handle out of stock items, will you ship locally or internationally and what cost will shipping be for both.

Having stock inventory in place is vital. Making sure that someone in your physical shop and also someone online doesn’t buy the only item you have at the same time. So, making sure your POS (point of sale) system is synced between the environments.

Sometime having the option of drop shipping helps with not having too much stock on hand and can help with financial funds being available to use in other ways.

Secure site is required

The number one task for an ecommerce website designer is to make sure we have setup an SSL certificate on your domain as this will give your customers the confidence to purchase your products safely. These are also necessity for all merchant accounts to protect credit card fraud.


Multiple payment options

 These days customers do like the use of ZipPay, Afterpay, PayPal and also all credit cards. Whilst there are numerous charges from these companies you need to look at what will the customer want to use to buy your products and to make the sale.

Website design ecommerce


Starting an ecommerce website development, we need to remember that this is your virtual store. Not only making sure your new ecommerce website design looks amazing, we have to make sure the conversion to sales is first on the list. As a WordPress website designer, I will assist with helping make sure all the right elements are there for your customers to enjoy the experience of shopping online.

Choosing the right web ecommerce solutions

We currently use the most popular platform being used currently on the web. WordPress and WooCommerce is used over 35% of all the internet sites worldwide.

As an ecommerce website developer, we develop your new ecommerce website with these software as they provide the best functionality and full customisation with feature rich solutions.

WordPress updates regularly not only today but they are continually making it better every year.

By using these CMS (Content management system) this gives you the client the ability to update your ecommerce website and products as you require without being locked into lengthy contracts.

WordPress is designed for mobile responsive so no matter what device your customers will be using your ecommerce website will look amazing.

ecommerce and wordpress

Making Sales

Starting the customers journey from the Home page, to the products pages and onto the Cart we design your new ecommerce website with results at the front of our designs. Giving detail attention to the product pages, the shopping cart layout and the easiness of buying your products in a simple process. Also adding in search engine optimisation (SEO) will accelerate your sales above your competitors.


So, lets create an amazing experience for your customers today, get in touch now