Affordable Website design vs Free

4 reasons Why Building your own Free Business Website has its Dangers?


In today’s world there are many websites that allow you to create your own website for free, like SiteGround, and SquareSpace. You may even make a great looking website that your customers will enjoy. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Many months down the track you wonder why your not getting anyone visiting your site and why Google still isn’t showing your website in the searches.


Limitations of the free websites

 It’s free for a reason and your going to spend all this time setting up a website just to find out that the Speed of loading pages is really slow. This is because you’re not paying for a quality service so they limit the bandwidth. Also, you upload all these photos and you get a message about low disk space again it’s free Right? The templates they offer are generally unprofessional and not customisable with adversities throughout your page. You want to make payment over these pages and again Free means no SSL and people do not websites that have no security. No Helpdesk, no backups, not mobile friendly, no contact forms and the list goes on……..

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The most important aspect

 Google wants everyone to have a great time on every website they list, so make sure your content is relevant and to the point about what your website is representing. Above all, if this is done well, Google will be your friend. Don’t just load up each page with the same keyword as Google has worked this out and it will not only read unnaturally but it will annoy your readers. I’m sure you have been to websites that don’t promise you what you were looking for and this causes you to leave. Google calls this the bounce back rate, which is the time people spend on a page and if this is short, Google will take note and this will hurt you.

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Websites designed by a professional website designer

 So, what do get when you sign up a website design company to build you a website? Here at webdesign 4u We build websites from the ground up that includes fully customisable pages, Mobile responsive, Contact pages, copywriting on your pages to get the best response from Google searches, and the list goes on. We signed up with a WordPress preferred hosting company which we pay for the top service, so every website is on the fasted hard drives, every page is loaded into memory, so when a customer is looking at that page its ready to go. We work closely with you about the design you want to achieve the right outcome. You are involved in the build process and able to make changes, to make sure your 100% satisfied with your new website.  So different from Free but you can hopefully see why.

Meeting Google’s SEO practices

Google sets out strict guidelines for anyone who wants to get their website ranking near the top. Google also doesn’t allow anyone to claim they can get you at the top. While SEO might seem like an easy task on the surface there is actually a lot that goes in every page on your website. From making sure keywords are listed correctly, your secondary keywords are on the page, your long tail keywords show up etc. Adding an SEO plugin or code into your webpages to help is essential. Then don’t forget about setting up your Google my Business  which is so important today as google wants to know you are a real business. I have a 26 point checklist for every website and page from keyword generation, content placement, meta tags and descriptions on images and pages, too making sure everything loads fast and fits Google guidelines.


So then why go it alone?


So, this is why web designers charge what really is a small amount in the scheme of things to build not only great looking websites, customer focus pages and make sure everything on your new website is configured to run fast. We spend more time along the process of building websites to include all the SEO practices so that you get as much organic traffic as possible.   So yes, you can go ahead and do it yourself but don’t get left behind by doing so. Read my blog about the changes Google is making to the CORE of their system and why even the best websites are now being left behind. So please go ahead and hire a professional to get the best for your business.