Welcome to WordPress

This whole website was created with the free installation of WordPress that comes with our Linux hosting plans. In your cpanel just click and go.

No knowledge of  HTML is needed. Just follow the WordPress prompts. There are 2200 free themes available for WordPress, and the beauty of these is that you can download them freely from www.wordpress.org and many other sites.

Changing a theme is a breeze. Just choose and activate in the WordPress Admin under “Appearance.” You can change your theme at any time even after you have created many web pages on your website.

Platypus Hosting can install such a website for anyone for just the cost of the hosting: $52 per year for 50 Mb. (There are many other plans). No setup cost. Then you just type in your content and upload your pictures. Platypus Hosting will link to your website from their highly ranked website. This gets you quickly listed on Google and other major search engines.

There are also 26,000 plugins for such facilities as ecommerce, photo galleries, interactive forms, SEO, etc.